I worry I’m holding you too tight,
I worry I will not hold you enough
here in my arms, fragile as a child,
young at ten days, my love, our love.

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Dear Lover, VI

There’s a young woman down the street,
married and abandoned by her husband
the same year. And I can’t think pass now
when the next summer is due, too preoccupied
thinking how love is like a pair of shoes,
they’re always so sparkly while they’re new.

Will you love me then? Will you love me until when?

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What’s veiled in the darkness
is her moistened face and you
confuse her sniffs for a cold,
it has been raining for days.
Where are you, one hundred
and forty pounds of flesh on a cot
three inches away her dilapidated state.
She curses you, calls you a boy, an idiot.

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Bless the hand for what was writ
or bless the mind for its wit
but most of all bless the throbbing heart
from where in its depths, it all did start.

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And I shake it off, that timidity,
like loose dust on my skirt.
I am less and less a child
as the days go and you sink
deeper than skin. I am woman,
bolder and wild.

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I worry I’m holding you too tight,
I worry I will not hold you enough
here in my arms, fragile as a child,
young at ten days, my love, our love.

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So this is how it feels, I am a lit wick
or the wax melting from the heat.
I am alive and I am dying
and I have not touched yet your skin.

So I must burn then, no less
when I’m let to run my fingertips
‘your skin. We are two stars in a universe,
fusing. I have no option but to burst.

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On the subject, what shall I fear
among things that kill, a bullet, a knife, a spear?
An arrow to the chest may seize my breath
but your farewell is a blade and also delivers death.
And is more cruel, with certainty, an arrow strikes only once
whereas if I live to a hundred, to a hundred the heartbreak spans.

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Why won’t you be quiet?
Even the wind knows not to disrupt
the trees so late in the evening.
But you brute would hiss throughout
the night, for my name, for your name -
(you scold me)
Why, I have not forgotten it yet.

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Hell exists.
it’s here.
3 a.m.
awake and
without you.
Beau Taplin, "Hell exists." (via afadthatlastsforever)

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How, the sky as my witness
I had stitched last night my chest
with a needle, a thread of nylon,
quick hands as good as a surgeon.

But he comes and preparations
are lost, his presence adding insult
to a wound sutured and gauzed.
I am all the same, bloodied and wan.
Oh he comes and as soon, I become undone.

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Old wretch heart were you cropped off a stone,
or the veins rust with crusting blood,
how to resuscitate the dying back to life -
I would like to shiver and be thrilled to the bone.

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