You awe me, fool me, contradict me.
How you bring the best and draw the worst
in me. You are a flame in a room, mesmerizing
in yellow, with the blue hem peering.
You divulge the cobwebs I am hiding

in my corners. I would like you to spread
your light still. To be my better sun, the moon,
the stars, to be the dawn behind the scrim.
Somewhere are campers huddled ‘round a fire, their
cheeks are red and warm. You make me red and warm.

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Prose is about what can be said and what is known and so on. Poetry is about what cannot be expressed. I mean, terrible grief, or intense erotic feeling, or even unspeakable anger are all inexpressible. You can’t put them in words and that’s why you try to put them in words. Because that’s all you’ve got.
W. S. Merwin, in an interview with Joel Whitney (via weissewiese)

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Stay safe my loves.

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Even the stone, gray and aging, the young,
tender mud by the creek where children wade
with their skirts hoisted to the knees purse their
lips, cooing. Their soft voices dillydallying,
like a vagrant song in the breeze

as if in wooing. All the lifeless things fitted
inside a hearse, Venus’ cerise lips rendered
anew; the blacken, beating, vibrant as scarlet,
the weakened wight, revived. You are a jolt
of electricity through flesh, bone and sinew.

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It doesn’t rain here like it rains there, no.
July and monsoon, the low-lying clouds
is an armory. Water rages rather than seep
to a stream of liquefied needles, knives,
silver against silver.

And you do not get me love when I say it,
how when it rains, there’s a sea in the skies
raring to dump its contents from inside its slit
belly, neither when I tell you the first glimpse
of a nimbus is an omen of a disaster.

It doesn’t rain here like it rains there, no.
What you know of rain is languid drops,
falling almost as if in afterthought and trickles
on glass window. And I know I’ve always cried
the hardest between us two.

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You were New Year’s Eve, all the bright
lights and pyrotechnics and loud kaboom
erupting, interrupting the great sky,
dwarfing the soft glimmer of stars and the moon.
Farewell." The party has ended. Beer-soaked
confetti bled red, yellow over flooring and grout.
The smug smell of sulfur, burnt paper, love letters
hang now in the air. Darling, it is the day after
all the fireworks fizzled-out.

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Catalysts & Stimulants

It rattles, like a wild boar, seized,
in captivation. You cannot hold
a tornado inside your fist.

Franz Kafka’s words resonate
in my soul. Nothing trivial will weigh,
or smash as heavy as ax over ice.

And when the frozen sea breaks open,
awaken, perhaps you can bridle the wind,
ball it inside your fist, even pull down skies.

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How you steal the brilliance of the moon.
This cloak of darkness cannot trump you
even while stone-faced, sheet-clad
in your motionless state.

Where do you lure the stars to? Plucked
like petals and tossed aside. The night does not
mourn its loss nor do the orphaned skies. You
hold the light of the universe even with closed eyes.

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Lithe dancer, you scoop hearts.
You have the flightiness of a monarch
butterfly weaving through a field
in August. The roses spread its fragrance

in the air. “Come to me, come to me”,
a chorus song. All the petals are radiant,
pink as a newborn’s cheek, white as milk,
in the mere flapping of your wings, soft as silk.

Perch atop one. Claim it yours, your throne,
crown it queen. All our time is fleeting.
Somewhere dusk is falling and the blue-black
is rolling. I am calling you. Darling, I am calling.

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Nothing as vivid as a dream
with eyes wide awake. My pores burst
and the greens shoot up my veins,
thin, coiling tendrils sprawling pass
the skin to crawl over yours

Oh my insides are jumping to touch you.

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Need to fucking calm down before I start strangling people.

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